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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Good Stuff, Mostly

Now that I need some "structure" to my life -my quotes, but my dad's inflection- and I have time on my hands (hey, it's the holiday season, and NOBODY gets hired this time of year, and definitely not in this economy) I plan on doing stuff I've been meaning to for quite a while.

That's a long way 'round the bend of saying I'm gonna start writing reviews of stuff I dig; music, art, film, tv, books, stores and shopowners that - in a perfect world - would not only survive but thrive. Basically, I will blow my horn by blowing those of others that I dig. If that makes any sense.

You'll notice a link to the right to a song by Paul Chesne. This kid (I can call him that 'cause I'm older than he) is (now)a friend of mine that I met 'cause he was opening at The Kibitz Room for the band of another friend of mine - Jay Souza (50 Cent Haircut). He's awesome.

Don't get me wrong. So is 50 Cent Haircut.

I wasn't gonna start doing this now....I was gonna sit down, formulate a gameplan for each review, blah blah blah.

So just enjoy the song for now. Visit their sites and buy their music after you listen to it. It's good wholesome 'Merikan music.

ciao for now