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Thursday, November 26, 2009

triptophan blissd

The Lions lost, the Cowboys won (and with Denver and NY still playing), turkey got put away.

Aahh sooo; we can rest now, reassured in the knowledge that yes, Virginia, there will be turkey sandwiches to fuel us through Black Friday and Saturday and Sunday, getting us (at long last!) to Black Monday.

Which is perfect for us, 'cause after having all that triptophan in our systems, we'll have cash in our pockets but will be too groggy to get down to Whatsitsname's Big Box Store to continue the national pastime, Consumer-Gorging on 20% Off This and 30 to 50% Off That.

Like it? This is my "raining glowsticks blind my way" mug. I made it just for you. For Black Monday.

Okay, well not for this coming Black Monday. That would be crazy. Certifiable, in fact.

I mean, I believe in customer service, but comeon - gimmeabreak. I'm good but I'm not that good - you know, deliver-your-stuff-in-three-days-AND-over-the-weekend good!

Tell you what. I can give you 25% off the price of any prints and canvases from both of my fine art sites if you contact and order from me directly (via your paypal account). I'll make good on this offer until the end of the year.




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Now check the frig again. A little birdie is calling you....