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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TSA - Welcome to New Berlin

These video clips aired November 14, 2010. We should remember this day.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Must-see Documentary

I just watched this (dated) documentary on Link TV. It was released in 2003 and (this should come as no surprise to anyone alive) is all the more relevant now; The Corporation.

You can watch it in its entirety here via Youtube - see below. When you want to skip to a specific chapter, you can load it by clicking on the button next to the Play/Pause button. Otherwise, at the end of the chapter it will roll right into the next chapter; 23 in all. Enjoy and enlighten yourself.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

New Photos

I've got new photos up at the following web sites:

redbubble and imagekind. Check them out and let me know your thoughts!

On a more social note, this past weekend was the annual Troy Strawberry Festival, which I guess is the highlight of the summer here in Troy. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but (here it comes) "back in my day..." the highlight of the summer was the soap box derby on the 4th of July. Well okay, that and the 4th of July fireworks show at the stadium. Plenty of Oohs and Aahs all around.

You wanna see what passed as entertainment last Friday night?

I'm in the process of editing the footage now, so come back later this week and have a look.

And enjoy the hilarity.

Don't laugh all at once....

Friday, May 07, 2010

Last Call - The Brig Moves On - Music by Shinedown

Just finished this video for my friends at The Brig. See you soon somewhere when....

Iron Man 2 Review

Not that I was dying to see Iron Man 2 at the first moment possible, but hey, it's Ohio and I'm unemployed and don't have to get up for work in the morning, so there I was at the midnight show with other guys in my situation (I imagine) and high school seniors who don't have to show up at school tomorrow.

The thing I love about movies (I, of course, prefer the term "film," because of an academic background, but whatever) is that the good ones work on many different levels without trying too hard. No preaching, no didactic finger wagging, just an entertainingly immersive story that, okay - could help you forget your troubles and make you laugh - but also maybe, perhaps, from which you can walk away with a kernal of wisdom that may come in handy someday.

I'll keep this short and sweet. Knowing the back story of Tony Stark aka Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr., isn't that important. You'll get filled in. The movie delivers on action, conflict, character intimacy (that's called Story, by the way) and oh yeah, special effects, acting, directing and spectacle (that's called Filmmaking).

What got me is that as a PG-13 film, kids and teenagers (and geeks like me) are drawn in by the Marvel comic book hero Iron Man (thank you Stan Lee!) in order to see our hero save the day, only to come close to death and then save the day again. I'm not giving anything away here. That's the nature of comic book heroes. What you usually don't see in a PG-13 film is how paternal neglect can affect offspring well after dear old dad has been dead and gone, unless of course, that's what the film's theme is. Yes, I know. Dangling participle. Get over it.

What you usually don't see in a PG-13 film is a main character who is terminally ill and struggling to tell the person they love that they may not be around much longer and how much that person means to them, unless, of course, that is the theme of the film. See that? No dangling participle. Feel better now?

And you usually don't see a character who is too overwhelmed by what's going on in her world to perceive or sense (use whatever empathic, intuitive word you want to use here, but you get the picture) what someone she cares about is attempting to tell her in his own way, unless - - you guessed it - - that's the theme of the film.

And what you definitely don't get in a PG-13 film is a scaled-down lesson on military politics and the ramifications thereof, unless of course - - class, all together - - that is the theme of the film. It all comes together in this film elegantly, fluidly and seemingly without effort. Bravo, ladies and gentlemen of the cast and crew. Bravo.

Now is this one film gonna change the world? Who am I to say? Maybe a father that sees this film will go home and remember to tell his kids that he loves them - and mean it. Maybe he doesn't say it tomorrow or the next day, but maybe someday - - before he's gone or before his kids are too old to care or too proud/defiant to show that they care (read 'hurt'), he does. Could that change the world? You bet.

Maybe a guy or girl who sees this film will take the time to listen - I mean really listen, in order to hear - what the person that they are intimately connected to, is trying to tell them, but doesn't have the words or is having difficulty finding them. Could that change the world? What do you think?

Having worked in the business and knowing how many films are produced and released theatrically every year (along with those that never see the back door of a cineplex), it's nice to see all of the above come together in such a widely available package. Of course, it all started with the mind of one man: Stan Lee. But then, he's the guy who brought us The Amazing Spiderman, The X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Captain America, Daredevil, Silversurfer, Nick Fury and The Mighty Thor. One man. Who's still alive.

Can one film change the world? Hmmm.

Sounds like a comic book.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cleveland has Beer...

...but I wouldn't know what it tastes like, even though I just had lunch at Great Lakes Brewing Company.

Let me tell you, g0ood burgers (amish-fed - or is that amish-raised? I can't remember what the menu said).

Snowing here. Getting ready to get on plane to Denver. in the 40s there.

ciao for now.

Off to Denver

I'm leaving tomorrow on a jet plane. Well, two, actually. If I can pull myself into a cafe with wifi I shall send reports from the road.

Take care, all.

ciao for now

Monday, February 08, 2010

"Treasures For My Friends" released

My living homage to my uncle, Rev. Lloyd George Barrett, is partially complete. "Treasures For My Friends", a visual poetry book is now available on blurb.com and this week I'll be working on a short film version of the book. It should be up on Itunes by the weekend - - if I stay on the straight and narrow....

Speaking of which, go to see THE BOOK OF ELI if you haven't yet. I was fortunate enough to see it last week (seventh row center, of course) by myself. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a post apocalyptic treatsie of America, blah blah blah.

However, it's more than that. I'm gonna see it again, thank God for the cheap ticket prices around here and then maybe see it a third time and thank God again for the fact that I don't have to watch films and then write papers about them, like back in the day....although, it wouldn't be hard to come up with a decent thesis argument. It's visually arresting, has great subtle music, the writing is excellent, the direction is not bombastic and the cast has some heretofore hidden jewels in it. Of course, having Tom Waits and Gary Oldman in any cast doesn't hurt.

That's it.

ciao for now

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Software Company Solves Problem

Well, thanks to the software program Free Studio from dvdvideosft.com, I now have a simple way to create copies of the films in any format that fits your situation. Thank you dvdvideosoft! You guys just got an end title credit for all my podcasts. How's that for free advertising?

If you've watched Nite Lites Volume 1 online via blip.tv and would like a copy you can play away from your computer, email me via my photography site and I'll get you my mailing address.

You can send me whatever storage media you'd like (flash drive or dvd disc - blank, of course) and specs (HD or regular, widescreen or regular, NTSC or PAL, even Ipod, Iphone, PSP, etc.) and I'll be able to burn you a copy.

All I ask is that you check out my photography online and that you cover my shipping costs back to you (the Donate button has been added to this site, just to your right). Of course, you can donate whatever amount you'd like. All is appreciated.

For the next podcast I'm working on "A Treasure For My Friends," a poetry video book that features poems written by my uncle, Rev. Lloyd Barrett, who will be receiving an honorary doctorate degree later this month. He wrote these poems in the early 70's and assembled them into a small booklet which he self-published and gave to - - guess who - - his family and friends.

I'm self-publishing a new edition of the book as a surprise for him, which will be available sometime in March. Needless to say, it will include accompanying photos by yours truly. The poetry video book will be a companion project. At any rate, I will keep you posted.

If you're a musician and you'd like to provide the soundtrack for the next Nite Lites volume, please contact me. I'd love to marry my eye to your ear.

ciao for now

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

iTunes accepts new video podcast

Well kiddies, I just received word that iTunes has approved my video podcast "mediamode presents." It will be up and operational by the end of the week, which means that you'll be able to download the trailer (although you can watch it here on the blog) and then the film Nite Lites Volume 1, which is being uploaded as I type.

Also, a post will be added here once the film in available on the web via blip.tv.

I'm dying to give the film away via online downloads, but I haven't found a free site that will allow me to upload the entire film as one file; most have a 50MB per file limit, and I'm not about to re-edit the thing so that it fits into 50mb chunks. It's an editor thing.

Other sites want $$ (who doesn't?),so that won't be free for me.

My next thought was to burn dvds and make them available via snailmail. However, (1) that wouldn't be free for me either, what with money being spent on discs and postage, and (2) I don't know that I'm technically savvy enough to get up to speed on burning an NTSC disc that will play in dvd players here in North America and PAL discs for players in the rest of the world.

I suppose I could charge a nominal fee to cover my costs, but that's gonna require bookkeeping and such. Which sounds like work, to me. And you'd be paying for the film. And that wouldn't be a free film for you, now would it?

The best thing I can come up with right now is to offer to copy the film file onto a flash drive that you send to me (via snailmail) which I would return to you.

Once you receive it, reimburse me via Paypal the postage amount that's on the package. Or give me more if you want. The Donate button will be here on the site in a day or so.

Obviously, you'll be able to download the film to your iPod from iTunes, but how is that picture gonna look on your tv?

The point is, I would like everyone to see my photography married to the music in the environment in which they're comfortable and chilled, with the least amount of hassle to all. If you like what you see, I know that you'll go to my photography site and buy a framed or laminated print for yourself or a greeting card or two with an image from the film for a friend.

Or at the very least, tell a friend about the film or the podcast or the web site.

If you like it, that is. Keep your finger crossed. Come back in a few days. More news then.

ciao for now

Thursday, January 28, 2010

DVD trailer of Nite Lites Volume 1

The complete film will be available for download sometime next week for a small donation.

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Video Up

I recently shot and edited a short interview piece for a local nonprofit, HandsOn West Central Ohio, to document part of their MLK Day of Service Food Drive.

I also have some new photos up on my gallery site.

And...finishing the final touches on the first of my new photo/music dvds, Nite Lites Volume 1, for those of you who can't stand looking at a blue screen when you're listening to tunes over your home theater system. I'm beta-testing now. Hopefully I'll have a workable burned dvd ready for release by next week.

Just trying to keep busy, is all....

Took some time this week to watch some classic films, though. I enjoyed myself a great late-hollywood studio-era war film double feature on TCM - The Guns of Navarone and Ice Station Zebra. Both films are based on novels by the great Alistair MacLean .

For my money, Ice Station Zebra was the first technically great submarine film (special effects for 1961 are incredible), followed by Wolfgang Petersen's 1981 Das Boot.

Ahh, guilty pleasures.

ciao for now

Monday, January 04, 2010

Celebrate the 2010 Rose Bowl Champs

$23.75, medium laminated print

via mediamode.redbubble.com