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Monday, January 25, 2010

New Video Up

I recently shot and edited a short interview piece for a local nonprofit, HandsOn West Central Ohio, to document part of their MLK Day of Service Food Drive.

I also have some new photos up on my gallery site.

And...finishing the final touches on the first of my new photo/music dvds, Nite Lites Volume 1, for those of you who can't stand looking at a blue screen when you're listening to tunes over your home theater system. I'm beta-testing now. Hopefully I'll have a workable burned dvd ready for release by next week.

Just trying to keep busy, is all....

Took some time this week to watch some classic films, though. I enjoyed myself a great late-hollywood studio-era war film double feature on TCM - The Guns of Navarone and Ice Station Zebra. Both films are based on novels by the great Alistair MacLean .

For my money, Ice Station Zebra was the first technically great submarine film (special effects for 1961 are incredible), followed by Wolfgang Petersen's 1981 Das Boot.

Ahh, guilty pleasures.

ciao for now