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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

iTunes accepts new video podcast

Well kiddies, I just received word that iTunes has approved my video podcast "mediamode presents." It will be up and operational by the end of the week, which means that you'll be able to download the trailer (although you can watch it here on the blog) and then the film Nite Lites Volume 1, which is being uploaded as I type.

Also, a post will be added here once the film in available on the web via blip.tv.

I'm dying to give the film away via online downloads, but I haven't found a free site that will allow me to upload the entire film as one file; most have a 50MB per file limit, and I'm not about to re-edit the thing so that it fits into 50mb chunks. It's an editor thing.

Other sites want $$ (who doesn't?),so that won't be free for me.

My next thought was to burn dvds and make them available via snailmail. However, (1) that wouldn't be free for me either, what with money being spent on discs and postage, and (2) I don't know that I'm technically savvy enough to get up to speed on burning an NTSC disc that will play in dvd players here in North America and PAL discs for players in the rest of the world.

I suppose I could charge a nominal fee to cover my costs, but that's gonna require bookkeeping and such. Which sounds like work, to me. And you'd be paying for the film. And that wouldn't be a free film for you, now would it?

The best thing I can come up with right now is to offer to copy the film file onto a flash drive that you send to me (via snailmail) which I would return to you.

Once you receive it, reimburse me via Paypal the postage amount that's on the package. Or give me more if you want. The Donate button will be here on the site in a day or so.

Obviously, you'll be able to download the film to your iPod from iTunes, but how is that picture gonna look on your tv?

The point is, I would like everyone to see my photography married to the music in the environment in which they're comfortable and chilled, with the least amount of hassle to all. If you like what you see, I know that you'll go to my photography site and buy a framed or laminated print for yourself or a greeting card or two with an image from the film for a friend.

Or at the very least, tell a friend about the film or the podcast or the web site.

If you like it, that is. Keep your finger crossed. Come back in a few days. More news then.

ciao for now