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Monday, May 21, 2012

Dr. Peter Beter Audio Letter 01 Pt 1

In surveying the 80 cassette tapes of the AUDIO LETTER report series, a single gigantic picture emerges. The most striking thing about this picture is that countless seemingly unrelated, chaotic-appearing news events turn out not to be chaotic after all. Instead they are all tied together by a limited number of forces at work behind the scenes. Once one knows these forces, one becomes far better able to sort out the true meaning of events.

Three major power groups are struggling today for worldwide influence and power. Like icebergs, they are partially visible but mostly hidden. These groups are the Rockefeller Cartel of big oil, big banking and big business; the Bolshevik-Zionist Axis; and the New Kremlin rulers of Russia.

The relationships among these groups have shifted radically over the past decade or so. The Bolsheviks used to control the Soviet Union, and while they did there was a secret alliance between them and the Rockefeller Cartel. But they have been overthrown and expelled from top levels of power in Russia by the New Kremlin rulers, who are anti-Bolshevik and are, in fact, a secret sect of native Russian Christians. During 1976 and 1977 Russia's new rulers unilaterally terminated the long-time Rockefeller-Soviet alliance, together with its plans for programmed nuclear war on the way to a "one world" government. The four Rockefeller brothers, then in control of the Rockefeller Cartel, welcomed the expelled Bolsheviks from Russia into positions of power here in the United States.

That was a fatal mistake, which led to the overthrow of the four Rockefeller brothers at Bolshevik hands from mid-1978 to early 1979. Since that time there has been a steadily intensifying power struggle between the Bolsheviks here and the regrouped Rockefeller Cartel for control over the U.S. Government. Generally speaking, the Bolsheviks have been getting their way in military affairs, while the Rockefeller Cartel has greater power in the economic realm. Since early 1982, there has been a limited quid pro quo between the Rockefeller Cartel and the New Kremlin against their common bitter enemy, the Bolsheviks. Meanwhile the strong links between the American Bolsheviks and the Zionist rulers of Israel have been forged into a secret joint military junta--the Bolshevik-Zionist Axis--bent on war.

Politics, economics, and international relations (including war) are constantly used by these world power factions as they struggle with one another. Economic manipulations, covert intelligence maneuvers and a proliferating array of secret weapons are features of this struggle. But as made clear in many of Dr. Beter's tapes, the basic struggle is a spiritual one.

It is often said that the world today lives under the threat of a Battle of Armageddon which, for the first time in history, could conceivably live up its apocalyptic description in the Bible. What is less well known is that certain Satanic forces are actively planning for such a conflict and trying to bring it about. And they are harnessing the ingenuity of man to create Armageddon-style weapons about which the public is never informed.

-Dan Holt

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Intro for Audio Letter, June 21, 1975

Fort Knox Gold Scandel

President Gerald Ford developments

Nelson Rockefeller angling for Presidency


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