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Friday, June 29, 2012

Enhanced ReCast - 1 of 10 Alan Watt series - The System Pt. 1

This 10-part series consists of interviews that Vyzygoth conducted with researcher Alan Watt on Vyz's Beyond The Grassy Knoll. In the first three interviews, they discussed what Alan calls The System, what It is and how It came into being. 

Chapter headings in this episode:

Music Intro

Introducing Alan Watt

Reaction to the shooting of a bipolar airline passenger

First look down the rabbit hole

The elites write about their plans

Why do they expose their plans?


Freemansonry using code language

Is it really all about the money?

The Great Work explained

David Astle's The Babylonian Woe

When did the scam start?

Corrupt those with the mojo


 The money situation

 Thatcher talks about the coming war with Fundamental Islam

 download her article "A New Global Bargain"

CFR Task Force Report: Building A North American Community

Why do we have governments?

Intergenerational bureaucracies

Kipling's "The White Man's Burden"

Charles Dickens sticking it to the bankers?

What is The Pilgrim Society?

pdf:  excerpts from The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley

A new Feudalism - Wikipedia calls it Neofeudalism

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1 of 10 Alan Watt series - The System Pt. 1 - Download it here