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Friday, July 13, 2012

Enhanced ReCast - WAWWH 3 - We Are What We Hated series

Part 3 - this 30-part series explores Nazism; its origins, its workings then and now and those ramifications. Vyzygoth and Larry The Contractor Guy lay out Nazism in all its forms. Tagged by mediamode, July 2012. Find more Enhanced ReCasts at www.mediamodepresents.blogspot.com.

Chapter headings for this episode:

Music Intro - Jackson Browne - Lives In The Balance

The New Crusades

Some comic relief

The Muslim Brotherhood's Nazi ties

Skull and Bones' history and legacy

Nazi capital of America - Denver

Bizniz runs everything

9/11 detour - or is it?

Collectivism R Us....

Revolutions R Us....

Back to Skull and Bones

Types of members now

About Allen Dulles

Effects of presidential assassinations

The Robber Barons....again

Recap and preview

Music Outro - Van Morrison - Magic Time

Books mentioned in this episode:

America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones

Under Cover: My Four Years in the Nazi Underworld of America by John Roy Carlson

Serpent's Walk by Randolph D. Calverhall

The Yankee and Cowboy War: Conspiracies from Dallas to Watergateby Carl Oglesby

The Invisible Government by Dan Smoot

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