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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Enhanced ReCast - DDD 7 - Deliberate Dumbing Down series

In the final episode of this series, Chris Ardern talks with education whistleblower Charlotte Iserbyt about the United States' political establishment's involvement in the deliberate dumbing down of Americans. Originally aired January 25, 2012. Charlotte's web sites are deliberatedumbingdown.com and americandeception.com.  Tagged by mediamode, January 2013.

Chapter Headings for this episode:

Music and Intro

The real purpose of tax exempt foundations

What did the conservatives do that was so bad?

What's the deal with charter schools, anyway?

Who gave this agenda its big push?

Who hammered it home?

Bloom's Taxonomy and a sad dog story

Raising children to be individuals

Wrap Up and Exit Music - Birdland

Books/Information mentioned in this episode:

Information on Norman Dodd, 1953 chief investigator for the Reece Special Committee on Tax Exempt Foundations (PDF of the report here)

Information on H. Rowan Gaither, Ford Foundation President (1953)

PDF of 1985 Agreement Between US and USSR in all Educational Fields (notice signature page for the date, located on page 28)

PDF of Charlotte's 1985 booklet, Back To Basics Reform

Charlotte's 2010 article "The Death of Free Will," which puts "Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social Studies", funded by the tax-exempt Carnegie Corporation of New York, published in 1934, into perspective

Charlotte's 2007 article "The Devil's Seven-Pronged Fork"

Information on Values Clarification Curriculum (notice the "party" line parroted)

Information on Back To Basics Curriculum (notice the "party" line parroted again)

Charlotte's 2006 article introducing Maureen Heaton's book The Impossible Dream  - see item number 2 - (PDF of it here)

Information on the Delphi Technique

Information on Peter Drucker

Sarah Leslie's article "Dominionism and the Rise of Christian Imperialism," which explains how Peter Drucker's business management philosophy ushered in the right wing's faith-based initiatives (excellent footnotes)

Information on B. F. Skinner, creator of the Skinner Method

Information on outcome-based education

Information on Bloom's Taxonomy

Information on John Dewey

Information on the Council for National Policy

Information on William Bennett, former United States Secretary of Department of Education and founder of "virtual academy" K12

Charlotte's article "The Choice Charade" detailing William Bennett's online charter school, K12

 Charlotte's homeschooling curriculum choice for the subject of reading - Alpha-Phonics

Information on Council on Foreign Relations

Information on Alvin Toffler

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