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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Enhanced ReCast - WAWWH 19 - We Are What We Hated series

Enhanced ReCast - WAWWH 19 - We Are What We Hated seriesVyz and Larry talk about the last manifestation of the Holy Roman Empire.  Originally aired December 2011.

This 30-part series explores Nazism; its origins, its workings then and now and its ramifications.  Originally posted by Vyzygoth on his thinkorbeeaten.com site, he and Larry The Contractor Guy lay out Nazism in all its forms.  Find more Enhanced ReCasts archived at mediamodepresents.blogspot.com on the right hand side of the page.

Tagged by mediamode, July 2013.  Click the relevant button below to either download the enhanced version or listen to the mp3 while on this page (so you can refer to the chapter headings).

Chapter Headings for this episode:

We jump right in and Vyz has a dream

Europe's in trouble - - again....

Should we believe what we're told?

Where's our free market?

Is Germany still the Bad Guy?

The one remaining empire

How to make your own toothpaste

Back to empire

The Black Nobility

American History 101

...and cue the music

Books/information mentioned in this episode:

Federal Reserve bails out the EU

 "Germany's Next Casualty?" by Brad MacDonald (December 1, 2011, thetrumpet.com)

Ben Bernanke


Ephesians 6:12

Pat Tillman

Revelation 17:12 - 18

Hitler's quote, "Germans deserve to perish"

Paul Manning

Dorothy Thompson

Bush-Harriman and Fritz Thyssen

Ford and Nazis

GM and Nazis

Early Hepatitis B Vaccines and the "Man-Made" Origins of AIDS

"I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!" quote (Casablanca, 1942)

Daniel's interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar's dream (Daniel 2:31 - 45)

Roman Empire

Holy Roman Empire

Coca-Cola Sues The Kinks

"You're gonna have to answer to the Coca-Cola company" quote (Dr. Strangelove, 1964)

John Birch Society

Water fluoridation

Homemade toothpaste

Smedley Butler

Alex Constantine



Holy Grail bloodline

Thule Society

Dietrich Eckart

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

The Black Nobility

The Merovingians

The Divine Right of Kings

William Henry Harrison

Jesuits, aka The Society of Jesus

Jesuits and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln

JP Morgan Chase and credit default swaps

Morgan Stanley - - giving back? Notice to whom they don't give

Oklahoma Crude (1973)

Wes Penre

His article "The Black Nobility"

Treaty of Verona

The Monroe Doctrine

Prince Bernhard

Crown of Charlemagne

Spear of Destiny

Otto von Habsburg

Priory of Sion (yes, that is the correct spelling)



Since You Went Away (1944)

Other relevant information:

SARS virus created in a lab

The Black Nobility - just in case you want to dive deeper into the rabbit hole.  Includes multimedia links and articles in espanol and italiano.

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