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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Enhanced ReCast - HOTH12 - History of Tammany Hall series

We continue our audio book series with Gordon Comstock reading chapters 30 and 31 of Gustavus Myer's History of Tammany Hall.

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Chapter Headings in this episode:

Chapter 30 - Tammany Under Absentee Direction, 1901 - 1902

Chapter 31 - Charles F. Murphy's Autocracy, 1902 - 1903

Books/information mentioned in this episode:

 Seth Low

Edward M. Shepard

Robert Anderson Van Wyck

Mayoral campaign ad opposing Tammany 

Richard Croker

Lewis Nixon

Tammany leaders in 1902:
-Daniel F. McMahon
-Louis F. Haffen
-Charles F. Murphy

 "Silent Charlie"

Gas House District

Gas House Gang

Colonel John N. Partridge

General Francis V. Greene

Ferdinand Lundberg

The Rich and the Super-Rich: A Study in the Power of Money Today

George B. McClellan, Jr.

Other relevant information:

Professor Brian Ferguson on the real gangs of NYC 

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HOTH12 - download it here of listen below: