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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Enhanced ReCast - HOTH13 - History of Tammany Hall series

We continue our audio book series with Gordon Comstock reading chapter 32 of Gustavus Myer's History of Tammany Hall.

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Tagged by mediamode, December 2014. 

Chapter Headings in this episode:

Chapter 32 - The Sway of Bribery and "Honest Graft," 1903 - 1905 

District Attorney William T. Jerome

William Randolph Hearst - newspaper magnate

California Senator George Hearst - father of William R. Hearst

John J. Murphy 

James E. Gaffney - later to become the owner of the Boston Braves, 1912 - 1915 (fourth from the right)

Charles F. Murphy (Gordon mispronounced his last name) - on the left

"Little Tim" Sullivan 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad 

Charles S. Mellen - railroad robber baron 

"Honest Graft" and the good D.A. Jerome  

John 8:37 - 44 

Other relevant information:

Thomas F. Byrnes

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HOTH13 -  download it here or listen below:  

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Xmas Xmas Xmas

Get your fill of Xmas music and stories from Vyz's Grassy Knoll Xmas page. 

Thank yous go out to those who joined us on the live show.  In the new year, look forward to the conclusions of our present series (WAWWH, HOTH and CC) and the beginning of Gustavus Myers' last book, History of Bigotry in the United States.

Have a safe December and a joyous time with family and friends!