Friday, May 24, 2019

AFP25 - Anti-Federalist Papers - Part 25

In the final episode of AFP, Cato's final Letter (No. 7) mentions the Senate's close ties to the Presidency; that conflicts of interest will rear their heads and render impotent any checks and balances applying to treaties and impeachments.

Cato is also concerned that the new Congress will have control over the circumstances of their own elections. As a result of this, through manipulation there will be limits to its subserviency to the people.

Cato provides historical examples of the dangers of fully enabling politicians and bureaucrats to positions of authority.

He warns that caution should be the rule when entrusting any government with power.

Cato is concerned that the new government will travel down a similar road in time, and asks his countrymen to consider the implications.  

Read by Eric the Blacksmith.

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