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Friday, June 07, 2013

Enhanced ReCast - HOTH02 - History of Tammany Hall series

Enhanced ReCast - HOTH02 - History of Tammany Hall seriesWe continue our audio book series with Gordon Comstock reading chapters 4, 5 and 6 of Gustavus Myer's History of Tammany Hall.

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Chapter Headings in this episode:

Intro and Music

Chapter 4 - Slow recovery from disaster, 1809 - 1815

Chapter 5 - Tammany in absolute control, 1815 - 1817

Chapter 6 - Clinton maintains his supremacy, 1817 - 1820

Wrap up and Exit Music

Books/information mentioned in this episode:

Definition of Federalism and here

Definition of Federalist and here

Jacob Radcliff

DeWitt Clinton

Salary History of the President of the United States

Tammany hostile to immigrants, especially the Irish

Samuel Morse and the Jesuit-Romanist threat

Patrick McKay

Edward Livingston, patriach of the Livingston family

Sun Newspaper building
(the small one in the picture)

Jacob Barker

James Madison

War of 1812 and Tammany

Matthew L. Davis

Nathan Sanford

General John Swartwout

General Robert Swartwout

Romaine's signature

Benjamin Romaine

1813 indian attacks

William Mooney

Louis XVIII, House of Bourbon

Gulian C. Verplanck and Tammany

Richard Riker signature

Hugh Maxwell

Teunis Wortmann

Daniel D. Tompkins and Tammany

Building of the Erie Canal and Tammany

Peter B. Porter

Thomas Addis Emmet

William Paulding, Jr.

Cadwallader Colden

Definition of Asperity

James Monroe

E.C. Genet

Rene A Wormser


"Patriotism if the last refuge" quote

Andrew Jackson

Origin of Columbia, Goddess of Liberty

Bellevue Hospital Center wiki (with timeline)

Archibald McIntyre wiki

St. Andrew's Society of Albany, New York

Other relevant information:

War of 1812 timeline

Information about Wigwam No. 9, Tammany Society, Butler County, Ohio

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